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The Family Farm


We are the Tratt family - Samantha, Mary & Will. Our family has farmed the land at Lower Marlpits for over 50 years but after the sudden loss of our dear dad and husband in late 2020, we have taken on the running of it.


As a small farm of 50 acres, we decided we needed to change and diversify in order to survive. We were accepted by The Greener Camping Club and opened up Lower Marlpits for camping in spring 2022. The farm and campsite are a work in progress and we hope to go from strength to strength to help secure the farm's future.


We share our farm with many furry and feathered friends. We have two dogs, six cats, lots of traditional-breed chickens, ducks, geese and around 100 beef cattle. Unlike most beef farms, our cows are not just a number, they all have names and we know them all for their quirks and personality.


Our beef suckler herd can be seen roaming the pasture with their calves. All calves are kept with mum until they wean themselves naturally. They are a beautiful sight to see.

Home Produce


Our chickens, ducks and geese free range around the farm and we sell their eggs at our farm gate. We have a pretty little orchard near the campsite and in October we pick the apples and make them into juice, which we also sell at the farm gate.


Our late father was a keen vegetable gardener and he supplied the local market with his fruit & veg for 50 years. We aim to continue in his footsteps and try to grow as much as we can for our own consumption and to sell.

Nature on the farm


We try to encourage wildlife and protect nature. We have traditional hay meadows that we mow late in the year to allow wildlife and nature to thrive. We leave a number of hedges untouched so they can grow up and be the perfect wildlife corridor. Our efforts pay off as we benefit by seeing our hedges bursting with beautiful bluebells, foxgloves, primroses and our favourite is seeing the delicate little cuckoo flowers sitting amongst the rushes in the spring.


We spot lots of wildlife and birdlife. We’ve recently seen our first ever muntjac deer on the farm. We often have a trio of roe deer roaming as well as foxes, badgers and rabbits. Red kites can often be seen swooping up the valley and we currently have a woodpecker in the camping field that can be heard tapping away.


We often see a little owl and hear the tawny 'twit-t-woo-ing' in the evenings. If like us you’re keen on your birdlife you’ll need your binoculars to hand.

 Our passion for nature was our main reason for approaching The Greener Camping Club and we are particularly excited to be part the Club's 'Trees for Life' scheme, whereby a tree is planted for every member we enrol.

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